About Olive + Hero

Making the difference


As a specialist in building medium density developments, Olive + Hero combine the organisation and resources of a large-scale commercial builder with a residential build skillset.

Direct labour model

Uncertainty is the enemy of building, and our direct labour model allows us to better control that.

Many builders who use subcontractors struggle to control cost, quality and timing. Because we have the majority of trades on staff, we get no labour downtime or unexpected costs, meaning we keep a tighter control over projects.

Because we do the whole job, including earthworks and landscaping, we are 100% responsible for quality. There’s no hiding or blaming others which can be frustrating for developers and homeowners. We even have our own dedicated maintenance team, so there's no waiting for a busy subcontractor.


Resources to build at scale

As a significant customer for its suppliers, not only does Olive + Hero get priority delivery and supply over smaller builders, our buying power qualifies us for access to exclusive ranges from manufacturers, such as Hansgrohe tapware.

With our own large warehouse facility in Auckland to store materials, Olive + Hero can procure enough supplies to complete any projects underway, circumventing potential supply issues to help keep projects on schedule.

Responsible sourcing

Residential construction relies on large, complex supply chains, with many manufacturers and distributors involved in the completion of your home.

From your tapware, to your oven, and your carpet to your cladding, it is important to make sure that the products used within your home not only provide excellent quality and durability, but to also understand the Environmental Management Systems used in the manufacture and distribution of these products. This is a key important step many businesses fail to consider.

At Olive + Hero we have compiled a Responsible Sourcing document which lists the Environmental Management Systems of many of our suppliers, providing peace of mind that our sustainability focus is not undermined by the products we use.


Enhancing the natural environment

At Olive + Hero we believe our homes shouldn’t damage the planet or cost you the earth!

When we think of sustainability or environmental responsibility in homes, we often think of bolt-on renewable energy devices, such as solar panels or smart home technologies, which are often priced out of reach for everyday Kiwi families. We believe the balance between budgets and green choices should be built into the very fabric of the home from the outset, and that saving the earth shouldn’t have to cost it.

With good planning, good design and smarter material choices, environmental responsibility is embodied into every new home that we build as standard, giving all of our customers peace of mind that their new home can create a positive impact for generations.